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Meet: Chef Irie, Chef Irie Spice

Meet Hugh Sinclair or better known in the South Florida community as Chef Irie.

Chef Irie is a Caribbean fusion chef meaning his food is layered with touches of Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern and African flavors; all in true Jamaican style.

Chef Irie left Jamaica when he was 19 years old in pursuit of becoming an architect. However, it was while he was in college that he decided to quit his full-time job and dedicate himself to a career in food. In essence, he wanted to become a culinary architect.

He studied at Johnson and Wales University in North Miami and worked his way up to owning his own catering business.

His advice for young chefs is to pay their dues: You’ll have to wash dishes and peel potatoes – there’s no easy road. Working in every part of the kitchen will help give you a better feel for what it takes to be a chef.

Whether you’re looking for a personal chef, a dinner for two or catering for a reception, Chef Irie can add a unique spice to your cuisine that will make it a memorable event.

Interview: Chef Irie Spice 5.22.11 from Agustina Prigoshin on Vimeo.

Connect with Chef Irie via:

Twitter: @ChefIrie

Facebook: Chef Irie (personal) and Chef Irie Spice (professional)


Blog: (he writes about food and it’s representation throughout his childhood)

  1. aeg (Reply) on Tuesday 24, 2011

    Great interview Chef and Agustina! What a great story you have Chef Irie. Not many people take leaps of faith to pursue their dreams. I think you were born to rock it out in the kitchen, but your journey through Architecture School was pivotal to your success as a personal chef and catering business. Continued success to you and look forward to reading more and more of your blogs in the near future. Big “Tings” Irie. God Bless!

  2. cpa miami (Reply) on Tuesday 24, 2011

    Great Story you got their chef Irie. We all have our own choices in life, if we strive to get our dreams nothing impossible.